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Vial Announces the Addition of Dr. Christopher Sweeney of SAiGENCI and the University of Adelaide to their Oncology CRO Scientific Advisory Board ⋆ Vial

San Francisco, CA. December 19, 2022 — Vial, a global tech-enabled CRO providing next-generation clinical trial management services, announced the addition of Christopher Sweeney, MBBS, to Vial’s scientific advisory board (SAB). Dr. Sweeney will work closely with the company’s leadership team to shape the scientific strategy of Vial’s Oncology CRO products and services.

“We are beyond thrilled that an eminent scientist such as Dr. Sweeney has decided to join our CRO’s Oncology SAB. He has had a

Top 10 Leading CROs for Ophthalmology Clinical Trials ⋆ Vial

The global ophthalmic therapeutic drugs market is projected to grow steadily throughout the next decade, driven by the aging of populations, increasing prevalence of eye diseases, rising demand for ophthalmic treatment, raising public awareness, and growing investment in research and development (R&D) by governments and industry. In response, there is a growing demand for specialized, experienced Ophthalmology contract research organizations (CROs). CROs are companies that assist biotech, pharma

Top 5 Clinical Trial Mistakes and How to Avoid Them ⋆ Vial

A comprehensive review of various clinical trial data showed that the probability of success for a therapy to go from Phase I testing to approval by the Food and Drug Administration was only 13.8%. With the increasing complexity of clinical trial management tools and processes, there is no shortage of pitfalls biotech sponsors must steer clear of to ensure the success of their study. Read on to discover the top 5 mistakes sponsors make when planning a clinical trial and how you can avoid them.

Vial Has Added NEXT Oncology, a Global Network of Phase I Cancer Research Centers, to their Preferred Site Network ⋆ Vial

San Francisco, CA. November 21, 2022 — Vial has added NEXT Oncology to their Preferred Site Network. Founded by renowned oncologist Dr. Anthony W. Tolcher, NEXT Oncology is a global network of Phase I cancer research clinics dedicated to providing patients access to the latest treatments for advanced cancers. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, NEXT Oncology has expanded locations across the United States and Spain.

“Dr. Tolcher has devoted over 30 years to developing new anticancer agents for

How to Manage a Successful Breast Cancer Clinical Trial ⋆ Vial

Clinical trials are the gold-standard tool for driving evidence-based medical research today. With the benefits they can present patients, participation in trials should be included as a viable healthcare option, particularly in oncology where treatments are limited. Their potential for reducing treatment cost burdens for patients and advancing the field of oncology makes cancer trials a valuable pursuit in clinical research. This oncology trial management series will present approaches for running...

Should You Invest in Triple Net Leases (NNN) in the Midwest?

If you’re a real estate investor seeking a steady income, relatively low risk, and passive cash flow, triple
net leased (NNN) properties should be a focus in your portfolio. NNN leased properties provide steady
cash flow from tenants and are significantly less hands-on with managing the property itself.
The secret is out on triple net leases, and investors are on the hunt for growing markets. Here are the
reasons you should look for triple net retail investments in the Midwest.

How To Select a Qualified Intermediary for a 1031 Exchange

If you’re new to using a 1031 exchange strategy for your investments, you may be wondering
what a qualified intermediary is and why you need one. Navigating the complex nuances
involved in a 1031 tax-deferred exchange can be overwhelming, even for experienced investors.
Every step of the exchange process must be carried out in compliance with IRS regulations. One
misstep along the way, and you may face costly tax liabilities. This is where a qualified
intermediary comes into play.

How To Build Relationships With Investor-Friendly Real Estate Brokers

When entering the real estate investing arena, you must be prepared to face challenges. Real
estate is not as cut and dry as some may think. Winning a deal doesn’t always come down to
the highest bidder. The team you work with has more of an impact on your investments than
you realize.

Building solid relationships with real estate brokers is crucial if you want to keep a winning
investment streak and be the first to know about great deals. Believe it or not, real estate
brokers have quite a bit of influence over who wins a property.

9 Benefits of Web App Notifications

As technology has progressed, business and marketing tools have been forced to adapt. Today, hundreds of digital tools are available for nearly every industry and business need. With consumers demanding rapid service, marketers and developers have learned to use instant, real-time forms of communication to connect with their audience.

The need to communicate in real-time is one of the many reasons marketers are utilizing push notifications. Many believe push notifications are primarily a mobile

What Are Push Messages, and How Do They Work?

If you’re one of the 6.64 billion people on the earth that owns a smartphone, you’ve almost certainly encountered a push message. Nearly every application and marketing team deploys them to produce real-time alerts of important information to their users.

Push messages exist to inform, notify, and increase digital engagement. Studies have shown that push messages can boost user engagement with your mobile and web applications by 88%. Push messages are a notable way to communicate with your cons

What Are Slack Notifications, and Why Are They Important?

Whether you own a business or have worked in the corporate or tech world, you’re likely familiar with workflow and communication platforms like Slack. Slack is a business application and software that helps unify teams, enhance collaboration, and add transparency to workflow. Slack has proliferated since its creation in 2013 and continues to dominate its competitors.

One of the many reasons Slack has become such a popular tool for businesses is its finely tuned notification system. If you're lo

5 Benefits of iOS Push Notifications

If your marketing strategy isn't utilizing iOS push notifications, you’re missing out on a critical customer engagement resource. Data shows that roughly 43% of iOS users opt-in to receive push notifications, which means you’re failing to engage with nearly half your customer base. Not only that, push notification success rates are promising. Approximately 10.3% of users will click on a push notification, leading to a number of growth opportunities for your business. We explain iOS push notifica

How eCycling Saves You Money | eSquared

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve all heard the mantra.

In recent years, consumers and companies have grappled with how the saying applies to electronic waste, or eWaste. Reusing and repurposing old devices can reduce the number of new devices that hit the market.

Unusable devices are still full of valuable resources, including copper, precious metals, and other minerals. Recycling them makes sense, too. Welcome to the world of eCycling—a service that can help you save money and the planet without c

Do I Really Need Push Messages?

Push messaging (also known as push notifications) is a strategic way to engage users via pop-up notifications on mobile devices, desktops, or web browsers. These messages allow you to respond to your customer’s recent inquiries, provide new feature updates, and promote services or products even when customers aren’t using your app. You may be asking yourself, “do I really need push messages?” If you’re looking to increase user engagement, conversion, and boost retention, you should consider usin

10 Hidden Mobile Device Features to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder | eSquared

Mobile devices can be both helpful and rage-inducing. With these hidden mobile device features for iOS and Android devices, you and your employees can avoid frustration and work smarter, not harder.

Several hidden features on the iPhone and iPad help you work smarter, not harder. From do not disturb to sharing text, images, and documents with ease, here are our favorite hidden iOS features.

Nothing is more disruptive than your phone or tablet constantly dinging with notifications. Even if you

2022 SaaS Trends You Won’t Want to Miss | eSquared

Wondering where the SaaS industry is headed in 2022? Whether you’re a SaaS developer or user of SaaS technology, read on to discover the top 2022 SaaS trends and how they may affect your business.

Growth in SaaS Will Continue to Defy Economic Trends

While many industries took a hit last year, SaaS experienced massive growth in 2021. This growth trend is expected to continue into 2022. According to Gartner, end-user spending on cloud services will grow by 21.7 percent in 2022 to $482 billion.

Tips for Bringing Technology into the Classroom | eSquared

Technology has had a slow growth in the Education sector over the years. Some schools had begun using BYOD or one-to-one device policies prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, but there were many schools that simply didn’t have the funding.

The last two years have demonstrated the educational value of providing a device to every student and with emergency funding, many schools are now receiving the opportunity to bring technology to the forefront. But without proper planning, rolling out a one-to-one d

What Are Twitch Notifications, and Why Are They Important?

As marketing and technology trends mature, it can be tough to discover new ways to build a close connection and sculpt an engaging digital landscape. However, it’s crucial to keep up with industry trends to stay ahead of the competition. Currently, video and live streaming platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch are among the hottest marketing tools for businesses.

Twitch is a social live streaming platform initially targeted toward gamers that allows the audience to play an interactive role

What Is RCS Messaging, and How Does It Work?

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a new and engaging way to stay in touch with friends and family. It can also be utilized by businesses to engage with their customers. In essence, it’s a new feature-rich way to send text messages. Text messaging has been providing the world with immediate communication via a carrier-based cellular connection for over 30 years, becoming one of the most widely used communication channels. That is, until recently.

There are now many ways to communicate digital
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